On 20 November 2022, the band took part in the LBBA Open Brass Band Contest.

It turned out to be a day of extreme emotions, when shortly after arrival at the venue, a non-playing member of the band experienced a serious medical emergency. Thankfully, and with professional intervention from members of a competing band, the patient regained consciousness and was taken to hospital where they were made comfortable.

A couple of hours later, knowing they were in safe hands, the band took to the stage to perform Purcell Variations, under the direction of MD Sean Conway. Sean led the band through a great performance which earned much praise and 1st prize from the adjudicator. The piece featured many of the band’s soloists who all performed superbly, including the band’s new soprano cornetist, Mandy Crowther, who was awarded an additional prize for “outstanding instrumentalist of the day”.