New MD!

Alan Widdop

Diggle Band are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Alan Widdop as their musical director from March 2019. Alan Widdop has a wealth of experience as a conductor. He started conducting with Todmorden Band, moved on to conduct Whitworth Band, Rochdale Band, Goodshaw Band and helped out many more until he became involved in Marsden Band who he famously lead for 12 years, taking them from the 3rd section into the Championship Section. After many great years, he decided to move on and again set out on a trail of success with Uppermill Band, taking them from 4th section to 1st section. 2017 saw Alan returning to Marsden and immediately winning the 1st section area which put the band back into the Championship section. After another set of wins to his conducting skills, he left Marsden in September 2018. Alan has previously successfully worked with Diggle Band, a long time ago when he won the Wilkinson Northern Open in 2001 with Diggle Band and more recently by taking Diggle Band to the North West Area Contest this year. We are looking forward to a long and happy, hardworking partnership with Alan.

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